Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day Part Two

I posted this on Wednesday, and it appeared briefly until Blogger crashed and stayed crashed until a few hours ago. My mother must have thought I died! LOL But I talked to her last night for an hour, so she knows I'm still kickin'.

For Mother's Day, Emma made her own card for me. She just learned how to draw flowers, so she drew a whole garden of them for me!
Emma's room is decorated with daisies and ladybugs. Ladybugs have become our "thing." Emma has quite a collection of ladybug purses, stuffed animals, etc. Emma gave me the ladybug charm for my Pandora bracelet. She also gave me the book Ladybug Girl, which is an adorable story. The best part, however, is Emma's inscription. She wrote it by herself, and yes it made me cry!
Here she is being silly!
In keeping with our trip to the Boston Garden, my kids stuck with the "Mom loves tulips" theme, and I'm so glad they did! Keaton sent me this beautiful bouquet of tulips and purple irises, which I also love. (I had a backyward full of them in Colorado).
Brittany and Brennan gave me the tulip charm for my Pandora bracelet, a tulip scented candle, and nail polish called "Dutch Tulips." Guess that means I simply must get a pedicure! Of course, Emma will want to go with me, and you know I'll take her!
Emma made this very glittery card for Mommy.
She is so proud of her inscription: "E heart M" for "Emma loves Mommy." Too sweet!
Emma gave Mommy a new Pandora bracelet (a color called Champagne) and chose three charms for her: the little girl, the bird (because, according to Emma, birds are always happy, especially in the Disney Princess movies, LOL), and the special Mother's Day charm.
It is so sweet that Brennan and Keaton give Brittany a Mother's Day gift every year. How many brothers do that? Brittany and Emma love to go camping. My boys gave her a queen sized air mattress and car pump. Check out Emma's reaction when Brittany told her they no longer have to sleep on the ground when they camp~too funny!
My sweet SIL, Kristin, made this beautiful card for me and Brittany. We like it so much that I had to find the stamp on eBay.
My dear, sweet friend, Christy (the one who lived in Okinawa and was my personal kokeshi doll shopper, and who now lives in England), made this beautiful card in my favorite color. She also sent me this beautiful bone china box for my collection~with purple roses! (Christy just commented on this post~she said she knew the box was mine as soon as she saw it. Is she not the sweetest?)
Every year, my sweet husband gives me a Mother's Day present. This year, he started a Caribbean-themed Pandora bracelet for me while we were on our cruise. In Puerto Rico, he bought me the pearlized Champagne bracelet (it looks like sand), palm trees with gold coconuts, the frog (Puerto Rico's National Animal), the seashell with a gold sea star, the blue bead with silver swirls, and two turquoise glass Murano beads (not Pandora) because they look like the Caribbean waters. He bought me the dolphin in Aruba. Then we added the octopus (beacuase we actually saw four of them while we were snorkling in Aruba), the flip flop (what other shoes do you need in the Caribbean?), and the blue Murano bead with the white hearts because I LOVE the Caribbean. Isn't it pretty?
I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Christy Lynn said...

Yeah, Lee had done another post on my blog and it's gone along with a bunch of comments. This year over Lee's protests we got a little Mother's Day gift for his sister (we're not exactly close...) because I told him it was the right thing to do. Heh. Glad you enjoyed your little gift, I knew it was yours as soon as I saw it :)

Tanya said...

Awww, what sweet sons you raised! That's so nice of them to do for their sister! The china box Chrity sent is beautiful! Tell her to eat a jam doughnut for me, mmm! Miss them! And your bracelet is so beautiful!!!