Monday, May 9, 2011

The Last Day of Vacay...Sigh

This was our last night on the ship. That's always a bummer~vacation takes so long to arrive and then flies by so quickly! This was taken on our balcony.
These are the portraits we had taken on the ship. I totally hate what the photographer did to my bangs, but my sweetheart looks so handsome, I love the photos anyway.
This one is my favorite.
Emma loves my Pandora bracelet and her mommy's, so I wanted to make her a little charm bracelet of her own. These are killed Kidz Charms. I got this for her in Aruba. I knew she would love the little seahorse and turtle. I told her the blue beads match the color of the ocean. She loves it and wears it almost every day!
This is the sign that Brittany and Emma mad to welcome us home. Emma colored me supper skinny with a good shape (thanks, Miss Emma!) and quite tan. She colored Papa bald and white. Too funny, but so adorable that's it's still hanging from the kitchen island.
And that's it for the vacay photos. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day! Hopefully I'll get those photos posted tomorrow. May your week be wonderful!

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