Friday, April 22, 2011

San Juan, Puerto Rico~Part One

Last year, we went on a cruise that left from San Juan, Puerto Rico. We didn't have a lot of time to enjoy the city, really just about 6 hours or so. We visited the big fort and walked around Old San Juan a bit. This time, our cruise was leaving on Sunday evening, so we flew down to San Juan Friday night. That gave us almost two full days to explore this beautiful city.

The day started off perfectly with a trip to Starbucks! LOL To our delight, they had quesitos, a Puerto Rican breakfast pastry. The outside was a flaky crust covered with crystalized sugar (like an apple turnover). It was filled with a sweet cream cheese. Oh my, were they yummy! We had to exercise great self-restraint and not buy seconds. After all, we were about to board a cruise ship where all you do is eat! Ha ha!

The weather was so perfect on Saturday, that these very cold New England snow birds spent half of the day at the pool soaking up the sun. It felt good to be warm! Here are a few shots from the pool area of the Caribe Hotel.
The beach is rocky (similar to the beaches in Maine), so we couldn't really do much beach-wise. Still, I stood at the water's edge for half an hour taking photos of the waves crashing on the rocks. I think these two are cool~you can see the water in motion.
We headed into Old San Juan in the late afternoon. We strolled by the Plaza de Colon, the plaza named after Christopher Columbus on the 400th anniversary of his second voyage to the New World. This is a mighty high statue of good old Christopher.
Isn't this a cool looking US Post Office?
The outside of The Hard Rock Cafe wasn't very interesting like some of them are. (The ones in Seattle and Chicago have huge, very cool guitars outside.) So I had Rick take this photo to prove I was there! LOL
The entire city of San Juan is protected along the waterside by an impressive stone wall, with several forts at the corners. It has these really cool sentry stations along the way. They offer impeccable views of the water, an important advantage against approaching enemies.
We continued our stroll along El Paseo de la Princessa, which sits below the city gates. There are several beautiful statues with waterfalls. This is the Racies or Roots Fountain sculpted of bronze. It celebrates Puerto Rico's historical heritage and cultural diversity.
I'm not sure what these statues signify. I forgot to take notes in my travel journal, but they're still pretty to see.
This one's for you, Christy~a Puerto Rican sunset through tree branches!
I'll be back tomorrow with more pics of San Juan. Happy Friday!


Christy Lynn said...

Nice seascape photos, Miss Vicki! I'm honestly not much of a beach baby but Lee is and so is my mom. I think both of them would be totally happy to live on the beach...I think I'd rather be further inland and away from possible hurricanes myself. Maybe near a lake in the foothills of some mountains or something? Ha!

Tanya said...

Love the sunset picture through the trees, just beautiful! I had to laugh when you talked about "snow birds" I'm all what snow birds is she talking about...then realized you meant yourselves, ha! Ya'll aren't snow birds in my book, ha!