Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's on It's Way

Hmm...I wonder if a bear can hop if it's dressed up like a bunny? LOL Either way, this adorable sweetie is the Cherished Teddies bear I stitched for Emma for April. She loves her! This one was hard on the old eyes to stitch~all of that white on an ivory background! But I couldn't find a piece of colored Aida in time, and this looks really pretty with the lavender mat I bought. Now I can get back to stitching my Monet, at least until it's time to make May's bear.

Happy Thursday!

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Christy Lynn said...

Do you have an Ott Lite? That really helps me...they're the lamps that mimic the look of natural light rather than fluorescent. Of course it won't do 240 voltage so I've got just a cheap Ikea stand lamp, but that helps too. Anyway, the bunny looks super cute! So what will May's bear be?

Guess what...I finished the gridding for my butterfly fairy earlier today which means I can start the fun part--stitching--while we watch Tangled tonight! Woohoo!