Saturday, April 30, 2011


We decided to tour St. George's, the capital city, by foot to get a flavor of the local shops and food. It retrospect, we wish we had gone on a hike instead. On the other islands we visited, the people were very warm and friendly and basically happy to see tourists because they contribute to the local economy. That wasn't the case in Grenada, at least regarding our experience. The people we encountered were not at all friendly. We really felt like we were in their way. We actually feared being hit by cars as we walked through the city. The sidewalks were very small and often occupied by locals who wouldn't move for us to pass, so we had to step in the very small street to do so. The drivers didn't seem too interested in yielding to pedestrians. It really was nerve wracking. Here's what I mean:
We returned to the ship and decided to relax by the pool. There were an awful lot of people with the same idea, so apparently we weren't the only ones who were disappointed in the port. After a few hours at the pool, we decided to get dressed and attend the 2nd art auction just for fun and to gain some insights into different artists. The night before, we had strolled through the art gallery, pausing to reflect on the new paintings that were displayed in preparation for the 2nd auction. The curator had put out his other painting by James Pratt (the same artist that painted the first painting we bought). I fell in love with this painting. love! It's called Vine Reflections. Ohh...the purple door. The vines. The rustic stones. I simply LOVE it! (This is a horrible photo taken on my phone. The painting is not this yellow, but you'll get the general idea.)

Enjoy your Saturday!

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