Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Blessings

The Burns girls decorated eggs on Friday. I loathe hard boiled eggs. In fact, I refuse to make egg salad. If Rick or my kids want it, they're on their own! But I do like decorating them. I bought Emma a little kit with markers and stickers and googly eyes. We had so much fun!
Brittany and Emma spent Saturday night here so that we could see what the Easter Bunny brought for Emma: a little bit of candy, but mostly other fun things like a Calico Critters ballerina bunny, a ballerina bunny t-shirt, a ballerina puzzle, and a ballerina book.
Aunt Kristin and Uncle Dave sent Emma a basket which was actually this Easter hat turned upside down and filled with lots of fun little things.
We gave Emma this headband,
a chocolate bunny (I love the look on her face!),
and the cutest pair of bunny slippers that match the teeny bunny slippers she has for her Bitty Baby, Lucy.
And this was her Easter morning outfit! LOL
Joan (Rick's sister) and her kids, Zack and Rachel, came for the weekend. After church they went on an Easter egg hunt.
This is Emma thoroughly enjoying the chocolate melting in her mouth!
My beautiful girls!
Joan with Zack (13) and Rachel (10).
Our little family portrait, minus the boys. (They had to stay in CA.)
Our first holiday in our new dining room! (I'll post pictures of the complete redo when we finally hang the paintings we purchased but don't yet have.)
Here are the Easter cards I made.
Our weather was surprisingly mild and nice on Easter Sunday. It was cold and raining Saturday and is again today. Hopefully Spring will kick into high gear soon!

I hope you all were blessed with a wonderful holiday!


arlene said...

Happy Belated Easter - Thank you so much for the gorgeous cards and assortment. I need to hear all about your trip and do lunch.

The work front is TERRIFIC finally, but the home front is crazy busy as our business moving weekend is fast approaching. Let's definitely plan for a day in May.


Christy Lynn said...

Love Miss Emma's little hat and the bunny ears :) Since Lee isn't here, I went with Liz's family over to their friend Dana's house for lunch on Easter Sunday. Dana and Autumn, Liz's 5yo daughter, hid eggs for us all and we got to pick out prizes after we found the eggs. I got stickers with William and Kate on them, ha!! I set up the DVR to record the wedding on Friday, glad it's not on the middle of the night my time :)

Tanya said...

Catching up on my blog readings...=) Thank-you again for the Easter Card! Looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip, your pictures are amazing! Looking forward to seeing your dinning room with your new artwork=)