Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monet's Irises, Phase 1

Last summer, we painted our two-story entry hall (aka foyer, depending on how fancy you want it to sound) a light, creamy yellow. It's pretty, but is in some desperate need of other colors. I found this Scarlet Quince cross stitch pattern of Monet's Irises. I love the purples! This will be perfect for my entry hall!

The best thing about stitching impressionist art is that you can't tell where my stitching mistakes are hidden! The other thing I love about Scarlet Quince patterns is that they don't use fractional stitches or backstitches. This is what I've stitched so far~just the sky.
This pattern uses 123 colors of floss. It has 76,830 stitches, most of them blended (one strand each of two different colors). I am a little more than 25% done, which means that I've stitched about 19,300 stitches! It's a good thing I don't think about that as I work!

Now I get to move on to the really fun part: the purple irises! Yay for purple! LOL

Hope you're having a great day!

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Christy Lynn said...

It looks great!! This is SO much bigger than my orange crate label, at 19,000 stitches that thing was well over halfway done. All the blue shading in the sky looks fantastic, and I know you're excited to get to a bit of purple!