Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little of This, A Little of That...

Just thought I'd post updates on a few things.

1) My SIL, Lori, is recovering slowly but surely from her skiing accident (broken femur). She will be out of work for at least another month. She was finally able to take a shower the other day, which must have felt heavenly! Please keep praying for her recovery.

2) I shared with you that the son of a high school friend was killed in an auto accident three weeks ago. This Sunday would have been Paul's 19th birthday. I know from experience what a difficult day this will be for Paul's family. Please keep praying for them as well.

3) I finally know what is wrong with my dog, Indy. He has a metabolic disorder which causes the pH in his urine to be way too high, resulting in the stones that were surgically removed from his bladder and urethra. He needs to be on prescription food which my other two dogs cannot eat. Trying to feed them separately is the real challenge! Indy's eyes are also improving thanks to the special eyedrops I have to give him three times each day. Poor puppy!

4) Here's an updated photo of the Monet pattern I'm cross stitching. The top third of the design, the sky, is rolled up in the scroll. I love how the irises are looking! And I love stitching with all of the purples!
5) I've been having esophagus issues again, so it's back to Mass General today to begin another round of tests. Blah. At least Emma and I will have a good excuse to spend all day tomorrow in our jammies watching movies and napping together!

6) Keaton is headed back to CA today while Brennan is headed here for a long weekend. I sure do miss my boys! I'm so thankful that they still want to come home. I pray that never changes.

So...if I don't post anything for a few days, Mom, assume I am getting lots of rest and hanging with Brennan.

Wishing you a happy Thursday!


Christy Lynn said...

Hey Miss Vicki, glad to hear that Lori is doing better. She seems to be keeping her spirits up. As for poor Indy, I know it's hard to feed a bunch of dogs in different just have to corral the one you want and lock him in a room away from the other two, which is sometimes harder than it sounds if your three are like my two and my parents' dog. Hard-headed muttlets...

Your irises look fantastic! So far, the Quarry just looks like a yellowish white smear in one corner and that's it. I haven't done a whole lot of work on it though; been busy this week starting a new exercise routine and we just painted our dining room yesterday and today. Give me another couple months and I'm going to have the house of many colors :)

Hugs to you!

Tanya said...

Glad to hear Lori is doing better! Sorry to hear about Indy=( We have to give one of our chihuahua's 3 meds a day, which after time has become easy...but I can't imagine feeding her different food! A pain I'm sure. Your cross stitching looks great! I can't wait to see the finished product=)
My heart just breaks for your friends. My thoughts and prayers are with them.