Monday, March 7, 2011

Finally...Proof That I Still Scrapbook!

The photo in the lower left corner was taken at graduation. I'm in the middle, with Anna Howard Dickan and Bob Cyffka beside me. I am honored to say that I am still friends with them. In fact, Bob married my lifelong friend, Karen. (Karen and I have been friends since we were three. When we were kids, we were inseparable! Sadly, I don't get to see her very often anymore, as we live on opposite coasts. But it's cool to have a best friend for your entire life!) Unfortunately, neither Bob and Karen nor Anna were able to attend the reunion.
The right side of this page has my senior portrait, Rick's nametag from the reunion with his senior portrait, and our senior prom portrait. The photo on the left is us 30 years later! (Don't know what goofy thing was going on with my shirt sleeve!)
The photo in the upper left is of us and our dear friends, Mark and Cheri Ranieri. (I have known Mark since the 7th grade~two years longer than I've known Rick. They are the sweetest people! Our daughters have been friends since they were infants. Mark and Cheri live in CA, but their daughter lives near us, and we are blessed to see her every so often. In fact Brittany, Emma, and I are going to meet Audrey for dinner in Boston tomorrow night.) The photo on the lower left is of me and some girlfriends. Don't they all look amazing? It's hard to believe that we are almost 50 years old! These ladies are rockin' it! The photo on the upper right is of Judy Cassidenti Saute and her husband, Allen. I've known Judy since kindergarten! The photo in the lower left is of Rick with Rob Pintar and Mark Ranieri, two of his four best friends from high school. His third best friend is Bob Cyffka (shown in the picture of me on graduation day). The fourth, I am happy to say, is me. :)
At our high school, we were divided into "sections" that generally took all of their classes together. We were "Section 13," otherwise known as The Brainiacs. We all turned out pretty cool for a bunch of nerds! But if I do say so myself, Rick is the hottest guy in the bunch!
That's it for pictures of the old folks' party! Ha ha! Looking forward to our 40th reunion~this one was so much fun!


Christy Lynn said...

Yay for you getting your scrap on! The pages look great and so do YOU :) I've been scrappin' lately too, I uploaded pages on SCS a week or two ago and didn't put them on my blog. I need to start sorting through all our pictures and printing out lots more for our Japan books *and* get started on the England one :)

I see that Lori is at home and has *lots* of flowers, so how is Indy doing?

Amber Hight said...

Love these pages, Vicki! You guys must have had an amazing time:)

You asked on my blog where I get my Neenah cardstock: it's the cheapest I've found! And yes, it's THAT good;) happy shopping!