Thursday, March 10, 2011

Celebrity for a Day!

I feel so honored that Pedrito, the son of our sweet friends Paloma and Pedro, chose to use my book, Zamboni's Bath, as the basis for a school project. He invited me to watch his presentation. Emma and I drove to RI (well, I drove while she watched Cinderella and sang her little heart out!) to celebrate Pedrito's project. Emma, of course, was dressed to the nines! I love her headband (from Paloma). I had to get a close-up or two, and then I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I'm posting both of them. I love the fact that she's posing. Maybe that's a sign that I take too many photos of her? Nah! That's what Giffys do!
The event turned into an "Author's Visit." The teachers asked about my background, how I became an author, what my writing process is, etc. The kids asked lots of questions about being an author. Then they asked me to read my book. I have not read to a group of children since I quit teaching 8 years ago~and I must say that I've really missed it! They wanted to know all about my other Zamboni books waiting to be published. So I shared the titles and let them guess at the plots. It was so fun to hear their ideas! They were all so excited and begged me to come back when the next one is published. The whole thing made me feel so happy~watching children enjoy the book and feeling excited to write their own stories is a far greater reward than royalties!

After I read the book, Pedrito did a fabulous job presenting his project. He used props that he made from clay to retell the story. I was quite impressed~especially since he's only six! Here we are with his copy of the book and his project.
And here is Pedrito showing his project to Emma.
The really hilarious part about all of this is that the kids think I am a celebrity! LOL They kept saying, "Wow! You're a real live author!" (Yes, I am thankful that I'm not a dead author! Ha ha!) They really think I am famous. They have no idea how anonymous and unglamorous I am~and happy to be that way. Though a million-dollar bestseller would be nice...

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Christy Lynn said...

Sounds like a wonderful pick-me-up kinda day :) I'm glad you had such a good visit!

We're doing something fun for dinner tonight...pancakes!! I always love breakfast for dinner. Just appreciating the little things today...