Friday, February 11, 2011

'Tis the Season...for Valentine's cards!

As usual, Miss Christy was the muse for this one (with her permission, of course). She made a really pretty one with a beautiful blue (SU's Baja Breeze), which you can see here. But you know how much I love purple, and I have quite a stash of it, so I substituted it for the blue. I love the bright, cheery colors~they gave me a glimpse of spring in the midst of our very snowy winter. Hope my boys don't mind getting pink and purple cards! LOL
Since I copied her card once again, I wanted to send Christy a special card but couldn't very well send her a pirated version of her own work! So I made this card for her instead.
And now for some cool news: Brennan is in Alaska! His graduate project at Stanford involves studying lightning and taking all kinds of measurements. Brennan is quite good at fixing things, so they send him all over the place to fix their equipment out in the field. In December, he was in Oklahoma and Texas. Now he's in Alaska. He flew into Anchorage, but then will drive several hours out into the field, where there is basically nothing. I asked him to take lots of pictures for his mama, but warned him not to pet polar bears because I've heard that they bite! LOL It looks like they are going to send him to Antarctica in November. How cool is that?!!

TGIF! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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arlene said...

These are all so pretty. I so want to get my cards out, though late as always. Hope Rick is home in time to celebrate Valentine's day with you.

I hope we are still on for the 24th. I'll shoot you an email,as I'm working my way backwards thru all my blog commenting.