Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Much Fun!

The snow is here! We are expected to get @ 10" today and more than 12" tomorrow! Anyway, I always show you photos taken from my front porch, This time I thought I'd show you one of the front of my house.
We had Emma for the weekend while Brittany was at a Model UN conference. Emma loves, and I mean LOVES, to play in the snow! She doesn't care how cold it is or how wet she gets~she could literally stay outside and play all day! The snow is so deep that Papa had to lift her up onto it.
Then they built a snowman.
I love her snowy little butt!
Ta da!
Emma even loves to eat the snow! Don't worry, Mom~I made sure it was clean!
Here's Rick making a snow tube run in our backyard.
And there she goes!
Here's a little video:
Then they tried the sled...
and the toboggan.
See what you're all missing?!
Happy February!

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arlene said...

The snowman is adorable & the tube run looks like so much fun. BTW there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating clean snow & icicles it's all a part of being a kid.