Monday, February 21, 2011

A Few Valentine Pics

Mommy gave Emma a rose for Valentine's Day...
...and an Ariel doll.
Emma made Mommy a valentine (she chose the papers and asked me to cut them, but she did the stamping, coloring, and gluing).
Here's Lucy (aka Bitty Baby) wearing her special Valentine's Day outfit from Giffy and Papa.
We had a nice, quiet celebration at home. No pics of me~I was on day 1 of a 5 day migraine, so I couldn't deal with the flash. The good news is that the headache is better now and it's snowing again! We're only supposed to get 6" today. That might sound like a lot, but after the recent storms that each dumped 1-2 feet, 6" is nothing!

I'm off this week (winter break out here), and I hope to squeeze in lots of crafting time. Off I go to scrapbook and then download pictures from Emma's birthday party.

Hope you have a great Monday!


Christy Lynn said...

That photo of Emma with the rose is super cute. So sorry to hear about your migraine! I had a bit of trouble last week with headaches and not feeling well, but nothing near what you went through :( Hope that you're feeling much better now!

And hey look, I have Internet now! I may not log off for the next 72 hours straight because I just want to hug it and love on it and tell it how much I missed being online...does that make me sound crazy?

arlene said...

The picture with the rose is gorgeous, that one should definitely be blown up and framed. So glad you all had a wonderful Valentine's day.