Monday, January 24, 2011

A Wee Bit of Snow and a Princess Party

Winter is in its full glory here! This morning it is -4, with wind chills between -15 and -30! On January 12th, we had a blizzard with 18" of snow. Last Tuesday, we got another 12", with an additional 12" on Friday. We may be getting 1-2 more feet on Wednesday! Here's the view from my front door.
This is the snow pile alongside my driveway. With these temperatures, I don't think it will be melting anytime soon.
But what can I say~I live in New England, so such is life! The weather certainly doesn't keep us from having fun, such as attending the "Princess Party" at the Disney store on Saturday morning. Emma donned her Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) ensemble from head to toe.
The tiny princesses received personalized tiaras (and the writer in me is going crazy because they wrote the girls' names in all lower case letters!), played games, and decorated drinking glasses with sparkly jewels.
The princesses were also given tons of Princess stickers, which Emma was more than happy to share with Papa. Of course, Emma decided where it should be worn. And, good sport that he is, Papa went along with it!
So that's how we kept warm on a very frigid Saturday morning. Well that, lots of layered clothing, and venti lattes from Starbucks!

Happy Monday!

P.S. Happy belated birthday to my SIL, Kristin! And happy birthday to Miss Christy! Can't show you their cards until after Kristin and Christy get them. Hopefully that will be today!

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