Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Sweetheart's Birthday

I've been messing with new software on my laptop, which is why I am so behind in posting! At any rate, here are some photos from Rick's birthday. I gave him new skis for Christmas, and his birthday gift was a family ski trip to Bretton Wood, NH (Brennan didn't get to go because he was already back in CA). Emma was so excited about the card she picked for Papa~kitties mewing "Happy Birthday," which she loved! I can't even count the number of times I've heard this play!
Emma made Papa a beautiful poster!
We stayed at the Mt. Washington Hotel, which is now owned by Omni. It's very nice and quite picturesque. In the lobby, they had a gingerbread town on display. Somehow my gingerbread houses never look quite like this...
The hotel also houses a small "Build-a-Bear" type store. I treated Emma to a visit, and she decided to make a horse.
Rick and Keaton skiied for awhile while the girls explored the hotel and napped. After dinner, we went on an evening sleigh ride as it snowed!
Ok, Miss Christy~I had never taken photos through branches at night, so I gave it a try. I love how you can see the snowflakes mid-air!
Our horse's name was Glen. Midway through the ride, Emma commented that when she grows up she wants drive a sleigh. So our driver, Luke, let her climb up front and actually drive! She was sooooo excited!
Needless to say, Emma fell in love with Glen. So guess what she named her horse!
After the sleigh ride, we went into a cafe to order birthday desserts for Rick. We ended up getting several things and sharing them. Emma wanted strawberry shortcake~check out the look on her face when it arrived!
Rick and Keaton skiied again the next day while the girls decided to go ice skating. Now when I heard the words "ice skating," I expect actual ice. Silly me! This hotel's idea of "ice skating" was a slick, plastic surface installed over the rooftop pool. Seriously! Well, I wasn't about to put my very expensive skate blades on a plastic surface. Besides, the surface was tiny~I wouldn't have been able to "skate" anyway. But none of this bothered Emma at all~she thought it was beyond cool to skate up on a roof!
She practiced some of her "tricks."
And I taught her how to "Ta da!" Yup...Olympic bound! Just sayin'...
Since the skating didn't work out too well, Brittany decided to take Emma snow tubing. Emma loved this!
Then the girls enjoyed a scrumptious afternoon tea!
Emma's favorite thing was the hedgehog chocolate cake.
My beautiful girls!
Me and my little sweetheart!
We had such a fun weekend!
Happy belated birthday, Rick! I love you...

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