Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miss Emma's Valentine and MORE SNOW!

I finished the cross stitches on Emma's Valentine yesterday. Brittany has a snow day today (no school!), so I'll be able to add the backstitching and details. Yay!
We woke up to ANOTHER foot of snow this morning! That makes four and a half feet just for January! Here's Rick digging out the truck at 6:45 this morning.
Look at how deep the snow is alongside the driveway. Check out the snowflakes I caught mid-air!
Here are the views from our front porch.
This is our front yard.
Off I go to finish my special valentine for my special valentine!

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arlene said...

Yeah to you for finishing up more of sweet Emma's Valentine gift. The snow pictures are stunning, but the piles are now bigger than me. Not that it takes much LOL.

I've been such a bad blogger/commenter and I apologize, but with working and shoveling I've been exhausted the last month.

We need to get together soon. - HUtS!!