Friday, January 7, 2011

A Few More Christmas Pictures

I am finally posting some Christmas morning photos, but I did promise not to post any "0h-no-I-have-bedhead-and-she-posted-it-anyway" photos! LOL So that only leaves a few photos of Miss Emma without anyone else in them. Here she is, showing off her Christmas toes.
She found her very own make-up brush (no make-up, of course) in her stocking.
Uncle Keaton and Tina gave her this Snow White ensemble.
I love this photo! Emma wore Indy and Wylie's stockings (they're two of my dogs, and yes, Santa fills their stockings!) and decided that she had elf feet! LOL
I know you've seen photos of my kokeshi doll collection. Well, my sweet friend, Christy, saved the best dolls for my Christmas gift. They are called "Holy Family," and Mary is holding a tiny Jesus in her arms. To say that I love these would be a huge understatement! I told Christy that they are too pretty to only bring out as Christmas decor, so they will be joining all of my other dolls in my office. Aren't they divine?
And now a funny little story about Emma. The kids were playing Dr. Mario on the Wii the other day. Emma insisted that the avatar that was supposed to be her couldn't possibly be her because it wasn't wearing pink. Uncle Keaton told her that girls can wear any colors~still, Emma insisted that pink is the color for girls. Yesterday morning, Rick came down for breakfast, dressed quite nicely for work, as usual. He had on a very nice dress shirt, and it happened to be pink. (Yup, my man is a real man and will wear any color!) Emma stated, "Papa, that's a pink shirt. Giffy, did Papa borrow one of your shirts?" We explained that boys can wear pink, too~but she was quite insistent that pink is for girls and that "Papa is old so he should know that!" We are still chuckling!

Happy Friday!

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