Thursday, December 16, 2010

Living Proof

My mama worries about me if I don't blog, and I haven't blogged since Saturday, so now she's quite concerned. She fears I may be sick or possibly dead. I am pretty sure Rick would let her know if either of those things were true. Though one time when I was sick and in the ER, he called her in the middle of the night to tell her. He was speaking quietly because that's what he does, and she thought he was an obscene caller so she hung up on him! So maybe he wouldn't call her, but it would be her own fault! LOL I guess that updating my blog is the best way to let her know I am okay after all. I am fine, Mama~I feel great, and so does everyone else. I've just been busy getting Christmas gifts wrapped and mailed and put beneath the tree, sending out Christmas cards, and making a gingerbread house with Emma. Oh, and Keaton came home last night~hooray! Brennan's coming home on Saturday. Ok, Mom, back to Emma, which is what you really want to know!

Emma wanted me to take her photo with her elf, Ernie. See him peeking out of her stocking?
Here are some more photos from the "countdown 'til Christmas" boxes. She found Rudolph chapstick in Saturday's box. Look at her rubbing her lips together!
And then she wanted a photo of her shiny lips! LOL
She was still rubbing her lips together as she opened Sunday's box, which held red and white Tic Tacs.
She loves to hug everything! And no, that's not a rash on her hand~it's a stamp.
She found stickers in Monday's box~snowmen and penguins wearing Santa hats.
Snowman ribbon for her craft cart was hidden in Tuesday's box.
Here she is trying to guess what was inside Wednesday's box.. was a snowman stamp!
So there you have it~my life since Saturday. This afternoon, Brittany and I are taking Emma to see Santa Claus, and then to see the new movie about Rapunzel called Tangled. I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures, I promise! I love you, Mom!

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