Friday, December 17, 2010

Not-So-Jolly Saint Nick

Brittany and I took Emma to see Santa yesterday. Emma has been talking non-stop about doing this. Every time we've been to the mall, she has waved to Santa and has been giddy when he's waved back to her. Then, we she finally got to see him, she became quiet and shy. Emma whispered to him, flat out refused to smile, and would not let go of Jack, her beloved puppy. She wasn't afraid; she just wasn't thrilled. Trying to get good photos was tricky. And the fact that this Santa wasn't a a very good Santa only made it worse~notice that Santa didn't smile in any of the pictures. Jolly Old Saint Nick he wasn't. What's up with that???
Of course, the minute Santa handed Emma a candy cane, she was all smiles!
Next year, we need to find a better Santa. Maybe I'll buy Rick a Santa suit for his birthday!


arlene said...

Rick would definitely make a much happier Santa, though I don't know if he'ld care to much for the suit. The picture of all of you is adorable and I'm glad to see the candy cane made Emma smile.

Enjoy your time with the boys and I can't wait to see the rest of the Christmas count down pictures.

Christy Lynn said...

When my brother and I were pretty little, my dad dressed up as Santa for his office Christmas party, and thought it would be fun to stop by home in the getup to talk to Adam and me. Adam was absolutely, completely, and utterly TERRIFIED, even after Dad pulled off the beard. To this day, he dislikes Santa Claus! Here's hoping that Rick and Emma have a better experience if he dresses up...