Monday, December 6, 2010

Counting Down to Christmas

Emma is really enjoying the Christmas season! We always decorate our home Thanksgiving weekend. I was still pretty sick, so I basically sat on the couch and watched the decorating happen. We let Emma go to town of our tree~so the ornaments are hung in clumps and it's perfect!
I picked up some adorable little foam craft kits at Michael's. Check out Emma's gingerbread man! (I love the fact that she crafts in a pink tutu!)
This year, Stampin Up! sold this super fun "countdown to Christmas" kit. All I had to do was assemble the pieces. It consists of 25 little boxes hung on a string with tiny clothespins. I hung it on the basement stair rail~Emma thought the basement needed some Christmas decorations, too! Each day, Emma gets to find and open the box coordinating to the date. I had so much fun filling the boxes with little goodies~gotta love the dollar isles at Target, Michael's, and Joann's! Here she is on the first day, not sure what to expect.
Christmas tree earrings!
By the second day, she was all over this! This box held a Santa Claus necklace.
Day three's box held the matching bracelet. Check out her adorable pj's!
Yesterday, she got to open boxes four and five. First up was a tiny Santa snowglobe...
...followed by reindeer ponytail holders!
Being a grandma with a little kid in the house at Christmas totally rocks! Just sayin'...

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Angie Williams said...

Aw! Sounds like you have a ton of fun with that kit! I had every intention of getting it, and I think I still will and sock it away for next year. Emma seems to be having a blast!