Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Countdown Continues and Exciting News!

As soon as Emma arrives in the morning, she wants to open the day's box! Monday's box contained Christmas Tree Green nail polish! Not sure I would wear it, but it's perfect in her eyes!
Tuesday's box held a kit to make a Gingerbread necklace. After we made it, Emma told me she'd like her picture to be taken "with a pretty Christmas background, please!" First, she wanted to pose in front of the stockings...
..and then in front of the tree! Three years old and she knows what it means to have a nice background in a photo. Guess that's what happens when you grow up with your Giffy's flash constantly going off in your face! Ha ha!
Then we made a gingerbread house so that her gingerbread man has somewhere to live.
As for the exciting news: I spoke to my publisher last week, and he said that two, possibly three, of my children's books will be published in 2011! I am sooooo excited! I also received my first piece of "fan" mail~an email from a 7-year-old girl and her mom. Of course, I wrote back to them. Then the mom sent me another email saying that her daughter was so excited that "a real, live author" wrote to her and that she (the mother) couldn't believe that I took the time to personally answer their email, as if I'm famous and have a personal secretary to do that for me! Little did she know that it was all very unglamorous. I was sitting on the couch in my old flannel jammies and fuzzy slippers, with my bedhead hair and scary un-makeuped face, sipping my mandatory cup of coffee at 6 AM when I wrote it! LOL

Happy Wednesday!


Tanya said...

Awww, that is so cute that Emma already knows a good background for a photo is key! lol... Congratulations again on the fan mail! That is so exciting! I'm sure that lil' girl will cherish that email for many years!

arlene said...

Gotta love a kid with class and who knows what the "finer backgrounds" are What fun to see her face light up every morning with the daily surprise.

Hope you're feeling up to the Christmas season and on the mend.