Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve

Ok, Mom, I am FINALLY posting some Christmas photos! These are all from Christmas Eve.
Keaton and his girlfriend, Tina.
Emma and Tina.
I gave Rick new skis.
He gave me a beautiful purse!
Emma dressed her mommy up with her Snow White jewels. I love the look on Emma's face!
Emma performing for us with her Cinderella boombox from Mommy.
Emma chose her own gifts for everybody, and they were perfect!
Me and my not-so-little babies!
Check out the silly faces Emma made with her uncles!
Mom, can you tell that she loves the gifts you sent her?
Here are the kids and their gifts from us. Keaton wanted new tires for his car....
...we gave Brennan a good camera...
...and Brittany got a new TV.
Emma wanted the Calico Critters rabbit family and townhouse, so of course Giffy and Papa got it for her!
Emma put out milk and cookies for Santa and reindeer food for his flight crew.
And then we called it a night!

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