Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's been awhile since I've posted. I endured a 3-week battle with bronchitis and pneumonia, which involved three rounds of antibiotics. On Thanksgiving morning, I had an allergic reaction to the 3rd antibiotic. So not fun! I spent most of the day sleeping on the couch while my family cooked dinner. Thankfully, I had done some of the cooking the day before, so it wasn't too much work for them. I must say that they did an excellent job!

The good news is that the bronchitis and pneumonia are now gone. The bad news is that I now have "reactive breathing disorder," a form of asthma resulting from the damage caused by the bronchitis and pneumonia. I feel much better, but I still cough constantly. Hopefully this will clear up before Christmas! Anyway, on to Thanksgiving!

When my SIL, Kristin, was here, we took Emma to a "paint your own pottery" stdio. We made turkey platters for me and for Brittany using Emma's handprint as the turkey. Kristin made a really cute mug using Emma's fingerprints to make ladybugs~but I forgot to take a photo of it before I shipped it off to her. Emma painted a kitty for herself~it is the prettiest, multi-colored kitty I've ever seen!
I made two different cards for Thanksgiving: a formal one for most of our family and friends, and a cutesy one for families with young kids. I must admit that I totally copied the formal one from Christy, though hers is much prettier! Of course, I couldn't send her a poor reproduction of her own card, so I sent her a turkey.
The best part of Thanksgiving was that both of my boys came home! I haven't seen them for two months which, for this old mama, feels like eternity. Don't pay any attention to how half-dead I look! LOL Here I am with Brennan...
...and with Keaton....
...and with Miss Emma.
The happy grandparents!
My favorite girls, Emma and Brittany.
Emma and Uncle Keaton.
The spread! Left to right: Brennan, Emma, Keaton, Rick, Brittany, Aunt Joan (Rick's aunt) Michael (Rick's brother), and me.
Emma convinced everybody to watch Frosty the Snowman. I love the intent look on the adults' faces. I think they enjoyed it as much as Emma did!
Hope you enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!


Tanya said...

Vicki, your cards are so cute! I love the "adult" one. Sory you weren't feeling well on Thanksgiving...I hope you are getting back to normal real soon, you've been sick for so long=(

Sparkle said...

Such lovely cards! I hope you continue to get better!

Christy Lynn said...

Oh honey, there's no "poor reproduction" about ANY of your cards! My mom saw the turkey one you sent me and she asked if you made it. When I said yes, she said, "Wow, she's really talented!"

Hope that you're doing lots and lots better now! I wrote you an email novel :)