Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tea Time

Krisitn, my SIL, grew up with three brothers. She is married to my brother and has three sons and one grandson. Needles to say, she was excited to do some "girly" things while she was here.
When Brittany was little, Kristin would "borrow" her and take her to a fancy tea room. We thought it would be fun to continue the tradition with Emma. Yankee Magazine rated the afternoon tea at the Wellesley's Dorset Tea & Coffee as the best tea in New England. Wellesley is a very well-to-do town. So I guess our expectations were very high. I must say that we were quite disappointed. The place looked nice enough from the outside, but the inside was nothing more than a small, ordinary cafe. It did not resemble a tea room at all. Nothing fancy or frilly. No silver tray or pretty teacups. Everything was presented pretty much as any typical cafe lunch would be. The food was good, but the whole "tea experience" was not at all what we had in mind. Oh, well~the scones and tea were good, and who can pass up a good scone?
Emma, Brittany, and Kristin
Emma was enthralled with her own teapot and tiny cup.
This was her, "Giffy, can you PLEASE stop taking my picture?" face!
Aww...much better!
Kristin taught Emma the proper way for a lady to drink tea~with her pinkies held out! It took a few tries...
...but she finally got the hang of it!
Ahh, our little princess in the making! Just wait until you see tomorrow's post!


arlene said...

Looks like a splendid time. The pinky thing makes me laugh. Emma is looking so grown up too.

Tanya said...

Aw Emma looks like she's a lil' pro at the tea expeience! Sorry the tea room wasn't what you expected=( Have a great weekend!