Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Gift Bearer

Rick traveled to Japan last week on a business trip. When he travels out of the country, he always returns bearing gifts! He knew he wanted to get me a kokeshi doll for my collection~he looked and he looked and he looked, but he said that I already have every one that he saw. (Hmmm...didn't know that was possible. It's ALL Christy's fault. Really, it is!) Then he spied this lone Samurai and thought that my beautiful collection of girls needed at least one man, and a warrior at that!
Rick has developed quite the artistic eye for accent pieces of decor. He found this vase and knew it would complement our new family room. It's made in accordance with an ancient form of Japanese pottery (I have all the info somewhere...probably with all of those things I put in a "safe" place so I won't forget where I put them. Not working too well. My mind must be hiding there as well! LOL) I put the vase on the mantle of our new fireplace, and its color is almost an exact match to the new paint. That's Mt. Fuji painted with real gold. I have no idea what the sign says, i just like it!
At the airport, Rick's flight was running late so he decided to take a quick stroll. He came across an "historical arts" gift shop and found this wooden box. (I do know where the info is for this. The only problem is that it's written in Japanese. Silly me~I took four years of Latin. That doesn't help much!) Rick knows how much I love boxes. Guess he's seen one or two around the house. I photographed this on the mantle because that's where the best lighting was, but it really looks stunning on one of our new black tables.
The lid comes off to reveal another lid and chamber.
Of course, Papa never comes home without a surprise for Miss Emma! She loves kokeshi dolls, too, and has her own small collection. He spotted these two "little girl" dolls~how sweet are they?
I love the look on her face when she first saw them!
Since she was at our house, Emma immediately ran into my office so that her dolls could hang out with mine. As you may recall, I have three shelves of these dolls. It took her all of one or two seconds to spot the new samurai! She wanted to know what he was doing at the girls' party! If you look closely, you can see how she mingled her two dolls in with mine.
Thanks, Rick~Emma and I love our gifts!


arlene said...

How sweet, you're one lucky lady. Absolutely love the "man' one. I guess it's ok to have one man at the "girl's party" LOL

The vase is absolutely gorgeous. Hope all is well.

Christy Lynn said...

You're right, he does have a good eye! I was starting to get to the point that I couldn't remember for sure which kokeshi dolls you had and which ones I had...which is why I figured we both probably had just about enough ;) That Mt. Fuju vase is really beautiful...and that's how I'd prefer to look at Mt. Fuji--from a distance!! Hehe!