Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn Splendor, Part 2

I wasn't able to stray very far this year to take photos (darn stomach and esophagus), but as Dorothy said, "There's no place like home." These are few shots taken within a one-mile radius of my house.
This is my town's newly renovated library. It's beautiful!
This is an early autumn view from the library in the town next door.
Here's Emma collecting autumn leaves for her room.
This is a sugar maple tree~absolutely stunning! As much as I love these trees, I am thankful I don't actually have one in my yard. The leaves are beautiful on the trees, but once they fall they are a huge mess requiring many days of raking and burning. So I am lazy and happy to see them all around me without having to clean up the leaves. I know~shame on me!
This is the same tree, just zoomed in a bit. I love the contrast of the bright leaves against the dark bark.
These were taken at Bolton Beach, the small lake in my town.
I love the colors reflected in the water!
It really is a blessing to live here, surrounded by the majesty of His tapestry...

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arlene said...

These are gorgeous. Hope you are feeling better. One question though; how on Earth do you not have to rake? I must learn your secret as that's the worst part.