Thursday, September 9, 2010

Enjoying the Boston Garden...

After Sunday brunch at Stephanie's, we walked along Newbury Street towards the Boston Garden. Just in case you've ever wondered what a "brownstone" looks like...
Two of my favorite things to photograph are branches and steeples. Put them together with a beautiful sky in the background and I am on a roll! There are so many historical churches in Boston~I love the architecture and masonry!
Did you know that the Boston Public Garden was the first public garden in the U.S.? 'Tis true. It is also the setting for Robert McCloskey's famous children's book Make Way for Ducklings. About 25 years ago, bronze statues of Mrs. Mallard and her eight ducklings were erected in the garden as a tribute to both the author and his book. Emma, of course, had to love on all 9 ducks! Here she is on Mrs. Mallard...
and posing with a few of the ducklings.
In the book, the Mallard family lives on a small island in the middle of the garden. You can ride the "swan boats" around this pond, circling the famous island.
Of course, I wanted a little swan to remember our adventure. After all, it was my birthday! I asked Emma is she would take care of my swan, and she enthusiastically agreed! She promptly named the swan, "Swanie Grace Burns Ducky Ducky Ducky!" Yup, still chuckling over that!
Here's a cool view from the garden~love the clouds and other buildings reflected in the mirrored building!
Some views of the garden:
Emma feeding the ducks...
...and a squirrel!
And, of course, one more photo of some branches and a steeple!
Happy Thursday!


Tanya said...

Your pictures are amazing Vicki! I just love those through the branches shoots, just beautiful! Looks like Emma enjoyed herself! Her little Ducky Ducky Ducky name is too cute!!!

arlene said...

Once again, your photos are stunning. They are also beautiful I can't pick a favorite, though you did capture the brownstone perfectly.

I NEED to take photo lessons from you and learn how to use my good camera.

The pictures of Emma are too stink'n cute, love the duckling photos and her duck name is hysterical.