Wednesday, September 29, 2010

30th High School Reunion

We had such a wonderful time! The only problems were that it went by too quickly and that I was so busy socializing that I forgot to take enough photos! There are so many people with whom I would have liked a photo. But one of my classmates is organizing a central photo album where we can all upload our photos, so hopefully everyone will be captured there. Anyway, here are the few I took.

First, we celebrated Cheri's 50th birthday. Mark and I have been friends since the 7th grade. He's the only male friend I've known longer than I've known Rick (whom I met in the 9th grade). Mark and Cheri married a few months after us. (Their "story" is so cute~they met when Mark, who was working at a gas station, filled Cheri's tank with gas!) We have been friends for all of these years! We have kids the same ages~their daughter, Audrey, and Brittany have literally been friends since they were born. Audrey lives in Boston now, which is great because we get to see her and Mark and Cheri come to visit! Anyway, we went to Duke's in Malibu to celebrate. We sat right along the shore and got to watch the sun set over the beach. Lovely all the way around! And look at Cheri~does 50 look fabulous on her or what?!
And now for some reunion pictures. We went to Chaminade, a private Catholic school. Rick and I were in "Section 13," aka the Honors Section. That just meant that we took all of the AP classes and Latin. Each year, "Section 13" became smaller, as kids opted out to take other classes. By our senior year, there were only @10-15 of us left. I was the only one who took fourth year Latin~yeah, that was fun! Fr. Sutton and I played Latin hangman! LOL For those of you who went to Chaminade, here's the scoop from left to right: John Burke, Paul Sharpe, me, Mark Ranieri, Martin Donahoe, Rob Pintar, Rick, Dan Santiago, and David Carnevale.
A bigger group of Section 13-ers: Rick, me, Scott Wheeler, Shari Mount Essex, Paul Sharpe, John Burke, Maureen Burford, Carine Asker Keenan, David Carnvale, Jennifer Jones French, Rob Pintar, Dan Santiago, Martin Donahoe, and Mark Ranieri.
Me and some of the girls~everyone looks so great! Not bad for a group of 48-year-olds, huh? Sue Nuenschwander Castillo, me, Lynn Bassett Israel, Melissa Doricott McDonnell, and Nancy Rohde Otto
Here we are with Mark and Cheri.
Me and my handsome sweetheart of 30 years!
In high school, I basically hung out with a great group of 4 guys: Rob Pintar, Rick, Mark Ranieri, and Bob Cyffka (not shown). Karen, we really missed seeing you and Bob at the reunion!
Early the next morning, Rick and I headed to San Francisco to see our boys. First, we checked out Keaton's (left) new apartment in Berkeley and bought him a couch. Then we checked out Brennan's (right) grad apartment at Stanford. Here I am with my far-away-sons whom I miss so much...
And here I am with my three handsome men!
The next day, Rick headed to Tokyo and I came home. I found this note when I arrived. Not only did Emma sign her own name, but she wrote mine as well! Yup, so going to scrapbook this!
And that's all she wrote early Wednesday morning...


Tanya said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time at your reunion=)

arlene said...

Glad you had a great time and I'm sure it was awesome getting to see the boys.