Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random Photos...

...which I guess are better than random thoughts! We were delighted to have a visit with Rick's Aunt and Uncle. Uncle Paul is so much like Rick's dad, whom we lost 6 years ago. Not only do we love Paul and Judy, but being with Paul reminds us of how wonderful Rick's dad was. Left to right: Paul, Judy, Emma, Brittany, me, Rick, Susan (Mike's girlfriend), and Mike (Rick's brother).
Emma took a nap in Brittany's bed at their new apartment. Apparently the neighbors were being noisy, so Emma came up with a creative solution!
Britt and Emma and the beach.
And, finally, my new craft space! I finally have my dining room back and I have a very neat and organzied workspace in the basement. I didn't want to buy any furniture, so I "repurposed" a few things. My quilting/sewing machine cabinet became my craft table (but can easily revery back to a sewing space). My workspace is on the back by the bookshelves. I made a space for Brittany on the front side, and we pull up Emma's little table when she wants to work, too. I cleared off the bookshelves (and donated a lot of books that I've read and will never read again now that I have a nook). I made the cool ribbon holders myself! The corner cabinet used to hold a TV in a different corner, but it now houses my Cricut and Cricut cartridges. From my chair, I can see the big TV in the corner diagonally across from me.
Now, who wants to come over and craft in my new space???


Christy Lynn said...

Me! Pick meeeeeeeeeeee!! I wanna play in Vicki's Lair!

I need to come up with a fun name for my craft room now...well, while I still have it anyway.

arlene said...

Love your new space. So neat and organized. Maybe you can come over and work a miracle on my mess of a room. But hey, at least I know I can close the door.

Looking forward to the hopefully wild weather tomorrow.

Lori said...

Look at that craft room. I am so jealous!!!!! I guess that I will just have to come over and play.

Tanya said...

Love your craft space and how neatly organized it is!