Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brittany!

My beautiful daughter, Brittany, turned 26 today. How have the years flown by so quickly? Here she was one week old.
Here she was with my dad when she was 1. I have always loved this photo!
This was her senior portrait.
This was taken at her college graduation.
This was taken in the hospital right after Emma was born.
I love this photo of her as a mom! Emma was 3 days old.
This is one of my favorite photos. Emma was 9 months old. Love the bare feet!
We had this taken last October.
These were all taken as we celebrated her 26th birthday.
Here we are with our beautiful daughter.
Here's Brennan with Emma and Brittany.
And this one is my favorite! Emma was giving Brittany a "puppy kiss," also known as a lick!
Happy, happy birthday, Brittany!

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arlene said...

Happy Birthday to Brittnay. Hope you had a wonderful time on your vacation and are now feeling better.

Love all the photos and I hope you're having fun. I'll talk to you soon.