Monday, August 23, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

It definitely felt like the happiest place on Earth with Miss Emma! Rick and I grew up in California and went to Disneyland many times. When our kids were little, we took them to Disneyland every year until we moved out of state, and have taken them there many times since. My kids are adults now, but we all still love it. The real joy now is experiencing Disneyland with Emma.

When I was a kid, the characters were roaming the park and you could pretty much stop and take photos with them at any time. They don't do that anymore, probably for crowd control. They are all stationed at designated places, but not for very long periods of time. So it's not an easy task to meet them. The princesses have their own place called The Royal Walk. You basically have to get in a very long line and then walk along a very short path to meet a few of them~no more than three are there at a time. We got there at 8 in the morning, just as the park opened and had to wait in line for an hour before the princesses even arrived~and then there were only two of them. Brittany and I were disappointed but Emma was delighted and that's all that matters. Here she is with Ariel (whom she thinks I look like because of my hair LOL).
And here she is with Tiana, currently her favorite princess.
She loves this mural~she thinks it leads to the place where all of the princesses live!
Here she is with Jasmine and Aladdin.
Here are Emma and Brittany in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Emma asked if she could live there!
Here we are on Dumbo, one of her favorite rides.
Emma and Keaton.
Emma and Keaton again~I love how much she loves her uncles and how much her uncles love her!
I love this one just because...
Three generations of Disneyland-loving girls!
Here we are, the old grandparents and their granddaughter!
Brittany let Emma choose a hat. When we were kids, pretty much all they had for hats were the plain black mouse ears onto which they embroidered your name. Not so anymore~there are more hats than you can imagine! Emma wanted a hat with her name on it, and it came as no surprise that she chose the pink princess Minnie ears (that's a crown on top).
When the gentleman asked what name he should embroider, Brittany answered, "Emma." Emma quickly chimed it and said, "Emma Grace!" Of course, she was the cutest, most adorable kid at Disneyland that day, especially in her pink princess ears. Just sayin'...
Emma loves~and I mean loves~the Jingle Cruise ride. The look on her face around every bend was too cute!
As you know, everywhere I go, I take at least one photo through tree branches. I didn't want to disappoint you, so I took a few at Disneyland. LOL This one is of the Mark Twain Mississippi Riverboat. I took this one for you, Mom~you always loved this boat! And Emma thinks it's the riverboat from The Princess and the Frog!
Actually, I think this one is kind of cool because of the clouds. But I digress...
Emma loved Toon Town! She met Mickey Mouse...
...and Goofy.
Here she is in Goofy's chair...
...and at his piano.
This is the entrance to Minnie mouse's house.
Emma was waiting to meet Pluto, but he had to leave. He high-fived her as he walked by, so Brittany took a photo of the hand he touched! LOL
After dinner, Brittany asked, "Does anyone want to go on some more rides?" Maybe you can decipher Emma's reply from the next two photos.
Yeah, my boys on the Autopia ride. Somehow, they weren't nearly as excited with these cars as they were when they were little. After driving Rick's Porsche, I guess this little car on a track wasn't very thrilling.
But Emma sure loved driving with Papa!
When Emma was about 1, Brittany started teaching her what all of the different animals say. It was such a fun game to ask her to make the sounds. Well, Brennan thought it would be funny to teach her what pirates say: "Yargh, Matey!" It's so cute to her make a deep, gravelly voice and say it. So he and Keaton bought her a little pirate telescope and hook. So now she is a pirate princess! LOL
Emma wanted to ride with me on It's a Small World because she knows it's my favorite ride~I have loved it since I was her age. Let me just say that those dolls have aged so much better than I have!
The big news is that this year Emma was tall enough to ride the big roller coasters. You might think that a 3-year-old would be terrified of them, but not Emma! She loved them! She raised her hands above her head and screamed with delight! That's our girl! Too bad I couldn't get a picture of it~but this old girl had her hands raised above her head and was screaming, too! We bought this photo of us on Splash Mountain. You can;t see Emma but she's behind Keaton (with the raised arms). Brennan and Keaton got soaked, which Emma thought was hilarious!
Last year at Disneyland, I bought Emma the complete Princess Aurora ensemble. This year, she wanted Tiana's. Here she is wearing it at my mom's the next day.
Yup, the happiest place on Earth!

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arlene said...

It is the happiest place on Earth. Glad to see Emma is going to be a roller coaster junkie. Gotta love those coasters.

BTW, I love her new princess outfit and I have to agree it was much better when the characters just walked around the park.