Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hangin' with My Little Bro

On our last day in CA, we went to my little bro's house. Here's Mark with our mom, his beautiful and super sweet wife Nicole, and his precious daughter Camryn.
Sweet Camryn (14 months), hugging the baby Eeyore we bought for her at Disneyland.
Emma, of course, adores Camryn. Here's a family tree puzzle: Camryn is my niece, which makes Brittany and Camryn cousins even though they are 25 years apart in age. So what does that make Camryn and Emma?
Rick has always loved babies, and babies always seem to love him. Camryn sure enjoyed wearing Uncle Rick's hat!
Emma loves swimming! Here she is with Brennan.
Another shot of Miss Camryn.
This is my mom, Vicki (yes, there's two of us!), and her boyfriend, Hal.
Yup, that's my 75-year-old momma rockin' out! I think she was playing Stairway to Heaven!
Me and my baby bro. We're two years apart (I'm older)~I'm a grandma, and he has a 14-month-old and is expecting a son in November! (He also has two older girls, 16 and 19.) He is such a great dad, and he has a wonderful life~but I am so glad that I'm not the one having a baby! LOL
I was recovering from a nasty bout with Salmonella, so I wasn't too adept at taking photos at Mark's house. I forgot to get one of the two of us with our mom, or of our families together, etc. And I had to pass on Mark's fabulous Mexican buffet. Guess we just have to go back!


Christy Lynn said...

Great family photos, Miss V! Guess you'll be busy scrappin' for a while yet, huh?

arlene said...

What a fun family vacation, great photos. Your brother's baby is adorable.

Like, Christy said now you just need to scrap all those photos. I especially want to see some Disney ones.