Thursday, August 5, 2010

Emma's First Haircut

Okay, I've got to admit that I am a sad mama today. Brittany and Emma moved into their own apartment yesterday. I am so happy for them! But they've only been gone for 12 hours, and I already miss them like crazy. Okay, okay~so they only live 5 minutes away. But still... Brennan is packing for his permanent move to CA. He leaves in 12 days. And Keaton is already living in CA. I am ridiculously happy for and proud of my kids~but this empty nest thing is so not making me happy. Guess my three doggies are gonna get spoiled, as if they don't already! LOL

I need to get my vacation photos posted, but since I am feeling sad I decided to post some pictures that make me giggle. A few weeks ago, Emma got her first haircut. Brittany took her to Kate, the most fabulous haristylist ever! Here's Emma before she went.
Emma and Brittany waiting in the salon.
Ready, set go!
I love the look on her face! She caught a glance of herself in the mirror.
Ta da! The finished product~beautiful hair on the most beautiful girl ever! ( I am biased just a teeny weensy bitsy bit!)
Off I go to work on my vacation photos...


Lori said...

Aww. Isn't she adorable with her new haircut, and as always :)
Miss you!!!!

Sparkle said...

Now the time to decorate your new craft room. :) Emma is just darling as ever.

Christy Lynn said...

That Emma certainly is a cutie pie :) Her Giffy is a beautiful lady too!

Glad you're back from your trip, I missed you in cyberland :)

Lori said...

Hang in there Mama!!!