Saturday, August 28, 2010

Puppy Party

Yes, I am one of those people~you know, the ones who celebrate their dogs' birthdays! LOL We missed Wylie's 5th birthday and Tiffany's 1st birthday while we were in CA. When we came home, I let Emma choose a toy for each of them. She insisted on getting one for Indy, too~she was worried that he would feel sad and left out if he was the only dog not getting a present! Of course, none of my photos of the puppies and their toys turned out~they were so excited that they wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a good shot. But I do like this one~Emma playing with Tiffany in Tiffany's kennel.
Miss Emma also insisted that we have cupcakes. I think she is still feeling cupcake deprived because Brennan wanted birthday cookies instead of cake or cupcakes! I think she felt cupcake-satisfied after this.
Okay, so it was really a birthday party for the dogs~but, as usual, Emma was the star!

Wishing you a delightful weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Camp Giffy & Papa

She got to pet a sheep that had just been shorn.
We have wild turkeys that roam through our yard (we don't have fences), but none of them are as pretty as this guy.
Emma was quite entertained by the pig races! Here's the thing: they give the pigs morsels of cream-filled cookies (the blonde Oreos), then place a bowl full of them on the finish line. The pigs actually race for cookies! I'm thinking they could run the same race for people...
Oops...the cookies are the other way, dude!
Emma played a game...
...and won a prize! She was thrilled!
And then we hit the rides.
The ferris wheel wasn't open while we were there, but I had to get at least one photo through tree branches!
This is my favorite photo from the day!
When Brittany and Emma moved out, they took most of Emma's toys to their new home. Since I will still be watching Emma while Brittany teaches, I was forced~yes forced~ to buy a slew of toys and make a "toy cabinet" for Emma. Besides, I'm a grandma~and everybody knows that the coolest toys should be at grandma's house, right? Of course, Rick wanted to know why it cost him so much money when Brittany moved. LOL Anyway, Emma donned her Jesse gear. (Jesse is the cowgirl in the Toy Story movies.)
Then she played with her new princess dolls.
This is Tina, Keaton's girlfriend. We don't get to see her too often, as she attends Stanford. Emma painted this vase for her at one of those paint-your-own-pottery studios.
This photo really makes me chuckle! I bought the Hungry, Hungry Hippos game~a game which my own kids loved when they were little. Emma wanted to show Brennan, Keaton, and Tina the toy cabinet. They immediately spotted the game and reminisced about it. So the four of them sat there playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos!
And here's Miss Emma enjoying some bubbles as every kid should! Kinda makes me want to take a bubble bath.
Now I need to order these prints and get them in a scrapbook.
Happy almost weekend!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hangin' with My Little Bro

On our last day in CA, we went to my little bro's house. Here's Mark with our mom, his beautiful and super sweet wife Nicole, and his precious daughter Camryn.
Sweet Camryn (14 months), hugging the baby Eeyore we bought for her at Disneyland.
Emma, of course, adores Camryn. Here's a family tree puzzle: Camryn is my niece, which makes Brittany and Camryn cousins even though they are 25 years apart in age. So what does that make Camryn and Emma?
Rick has always loved babies, and babies always seem to love him. Camryn sure enjoyed wearing Uncle Rick's hat!
Emma loves swimming! Here she is with Brennan.
Another shot of Miss Camryn.
This is my mom, Vicki (yes, there's two of us!), and her boyfriend, Hal.
Yup, that's my 75-year-old momma rockin' out! I think she was playing Stairway to Heaven!
Me and my baby bro. We're two years apart (I'm older)~I'm a grandma, and he has a 14-month-old and is expecting a son in November! (He also has two older girls, 16 and 19.) He is such a great dad, and he has a wonderful life~but I am so glad that I'm not the one having a baby! LOL
I was recovering from a nasty bout with Salmonella, so I wasn't too adept at taking photos at Mark's house. I forgot to get one of the two of us with our mom, or of our families together, etc. And I had to pass on Mark's fabulous Mexican buffet. Guess we just have to go back!