Thursday, July 1, 2010

She Tickles My Funny Bone

These photos are from January 2009, so I am not too far behind! I used CTMH's Emporium paper pack. Just a quick layout, nothing too fancy. I have decided that I need to make simpler, faster layouts in order to catch up on my scrapbooking.
Here, Emma is playing dress-up (and just FYI, you are never too old to play dress-up, LOL) and hanging with Keaton and his girlfriend, Tina.
We celebrated Indy's birthday. Yes, I am one of those dog women~the kind that celebrates her dogs' birthdays! Emma chose Elmo party hats and a few toys for Indy. She insisted we have cupcakes (the kind for people, ha ha) because what is a birthday without cupcakes? We even had to sing!
Hope these tickled your funny bone!


arlene said...

OMG-I can't get over how big she has gotten in just a year. These pictures are precious. Love the "Diva" look.

I can so relate to the whole dog thing. They are human after all, and Emma's right what is a birthday without cupcakes?

Let me know if which day the week of July 12th works for you. I'm thinking either more of the 15th or 16th?

Lori said...

Your layouts are so cute. I know what you mean by faster and simpler. I am going to have to start going in that direction.