Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brennan!

Yesterday was Brennan's 22nd birthday! It was kind of quiet. He had to work all day, Rick is in Germany, and Keaton is in CA. I started the day for him with a batch of fresh cream scones, which are his favorite breakfast food.
Then Brittany, Emma, and I took him to The Texas Roadhouse for dinner. He was a good sport and let them celebrate his birthday. Emma thought this was extremely entertaining!
Brennan's not much of a cake eater, so he requested his favorite cookies: Brittany's oatmeal, white chocolate chip, and cranberry cookies to be exact. Oh my, are they delicious! Emma totally does not understand why Brennan didn't want cake because, as she told him, "But Uncle Brennan, birthdays always have cake or cupcakes!" But she did enjoy the cookies and told Brittany, "Mommy, you make the best cookies in the whole wide world!" That, she does, Emma!
Here are Brittany and Emma with Brennan.
Mom, here's a little stroll down memory lane for you with a few of my favorite photos of Brennan. Here, he was one day old.
This was Christmas 1988. This is one of my all-time favorite photos! (Brittany was 4. Doesn't Emma look just like her?) Brennan could watch the train for hours. My dad always got such a kick out of watching Brennan play with the train. And how stinkin' cute are those little overalls?
This was taken at Christmas in 1990. Brittany was 6, Brennan was 2, and Keaton was 9 months old.
Flash forward to Christmas 1996. Brittany was 12, Brennan was 8, and Keaton was 6.
This was Brennan's 10th birthday in 1998. He's with my dad.
These are Rick's parents with Brennan at his middle school graduation in 2002. Brennan was 13.
This is Brennan's senior portrait, followed by his 2006 high school graduation photo.
Brennan celebrated his 21st birthday by going skydiving!
Here are Rick and our boys, Keaton and Brennan, last October.
Here are a few shots from Brennan's college graduation in May.
Here I am with Brennan yesterday, his 22nd birthday.
In early August, Brennan will moving to CA. He was offered and accepted a full PhD fellowship (Electrical Engineering) to Stanford. I am so happy for and proud of him! But I would be lying if I said I am not going to be terribly sad when he moves. Brennan and Keaton will be living 45 minutes apart, which will be such fun for both of them. I guess I'll be making lots of trips to CA to see my wonderful sons.

Happy 22nd birthday, Brennan! I love you!


Christy Lynn said...

Happy birthday, Brennan!

Ooooh, recipes PLEASE!! If I'm moving to England I neeeeeed to know how to make scones, and those cookies sound scrumptious. I can share my mom's famous oatmeal chocolate chip recipe...and lots of others, lol!

Christy/Tiddly Inks Digitals said...

Happy Birthday (late :D) Brennan!

I hope his move goes well and that is just a wonderful opportunity for him.

I loved the trip down memory lane....he will be happy to have this when he has his kids. :) Heaven forbid, huh? LOL

What a great mom you are! :)
Thanks for the recipes. :)