Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day...

Rick had a nice day. We saw Toy Story 3, I made his favorite meal, and we watched the Sox game. We really missed having Keaton here, though.

Emma was quite proud of her gift, especially because she wrote "Papa" on the envelope and signed the card all by herself. She also painted him a "ginormous" coffee mug that says I {heart} Papa.
She even showed Papa how to use it! LOL
The fam minus Keaton (Emma, Rick, Brittany, and Brennan).
Then they decided to make grumpy faces! LOL
Emma filling Papa's shoes...
...and pretending she was a present. What she doesn't know is that she really is a blessed gift.
Me and my sweetheart.
And this is what makes being a grandparent so sweet...
Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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Amy said...

So Sweet!! Thanks for sharing your sweet sweet family!!