Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Workin' at the Car Wash, Baby!

I took these photos of Emma last summer, but am just now getting around to scrapping them. She was too cute washing her car as well as her mommy's car. This month's Caffinated Cropper Kit~Pocket Full of Sunshine~was perfect for my layout. Everything is from the kit (which you can buy here) except for the cardstock (SU Lovely Lilac and CTMH Sweet Leaf) and the clear dew drops (which are from The Caffinated Cropper's With a Cherry on Top kit).
When Emma saw this she said, "Giffy, you did a good job!" She loves the layout and that's all that matters.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Crafty Little Post

Shocking, I know~but I am actually posting something crafty! I made this for Rick's mom for her 80th birthday. I am soooo in love with this stamp set (SU's Inspired By Nature)! It is so fun and easy to use. Gotta love SU stamps, yessirree Bob! The paper, ink, ribbon, and buttons are from Papertrey Ink.
I may just shock you by being crafty again tomorrow! LOL

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mystic Aquarium

We visited Mystic Aquarium, the best aquarium in the Northeast. Last summer, Emma was thrilled when the beluga whales "kissed" her through the window. She was disappointed that they didn't do that again, but she did love watching them swim. She even brought her stuffed beluga whale, Bubbles, so that she could meet her family! Can you see her holding Bubbles up to the tank?
Of course, Emma loved being allowed to touch animals! She got to pet a crab and hold a seastar (which is the true scientific name of a starfish).
She really liked the sharks, too. They're a bit hard to see in this photo, but there are several of them sleeping behind her.
Of course, we had to visit the seals. She loves the sound they make. She has a little stuffed seal that she names Eliza, The Cute Seal. She actually calls it by the entire name!
Just thought this was pretty.
Of course, I had to fit it a few floral shots.
I haven't seen cattails in years!
Emma also loved the penguins.
This photo cracks me up~Emma is holding onto the baby penguin's beak so that it would be quiet for the photo. LOL
This is the biggest bullfrog I have ever seen!
I loved the lily pads.
You can tell that Emma loved her ice cream!
Her favorite thing to do was pet the stingrays. I didn't get a photo of it, but one jumped right out of the water and kissed her on the nose! Another one swam by and high-fived her!
I love Emma up on her tip toes!
Brittany bought food for the stingrays, which was basically a dish of small sardines. Emma didn't like feeding them because one grabbed her finger along with the food. So Brittany inherited the job. A large stingray swam up to her and splashed~or rather soaked~her! I love this candid shot! Of course, Brittany was startled and dumped the entire dish of sardines into the tank. I am pretty sure that was the stingray's plan all along. LOL
Brittany let Emma choose a stuffed animal. She already has a beligua whale, a seal, and a stingray, so she wanted a penguin. It had to be pink, of course! She named her Softie because it is.
The next day, Robyn and I hit the beach in Rhode Island. It was soooo pretty! I like the look of the moss on the rocks.
This greeted us in the driveway when we retuned from the beach.
The next day, Brittany took Emma to the zoo. Emma made a list of everything she wanted to see so that they wouldn't forget anything. She was quite proud of that list!
Here are a few last photos before Robyn left.
Anyone else want to come visit? Please oh please??? Mom???????

I'll actually be posting some crafting stuff in the next few days. Hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Girls on Vacay

My BFF from CO, Robyn, came to visit for 4 days. We had sooooooooo much fun! We took a girls' trip with Brittany and Emma to Mystic Seaport, CT. It is such a quaint New England town! Here are my girls, Brittany and Emma, on the pier...
...and then the 3 of us. The wind was desperately trying to remove the hair from my head, which would not have been a good look for me! LOL
Mystic is home to Mystic Pizza, the name of and setting for the famous movie which launched Julia Roberts' career. The pizza was delicious! My favorite was the chicken, gorgonzola, and artichoke pizza.
Robyn and I tried a local Mystic beer, which was perfect with the pizza!
Here are a few views from the drawbridge.
During dinner at the S&P Oyster Company, we sat on the patio and soaked in the sun, breeze, and view.
Emma and Robyn got such a kick out of watching the drawbridge rise.
We we so delighted to see this swan family!
And this little guy had us worried~we thought its
leg was broken until he flipped it back over and swam away. Too funny!
This was the best view of the day~Miss Emma wearing her mommy's sunglasses. She makes my heart smile!
This fountain was in our hotel parking lot. Emma loved making wishes as she tossed in pennies. I wondered what this little 3-year-old girl wished for...
...her answer was, "My mommy and Giffy and Robyn." Did I mention that she makes my heart smile?

Have a delightful Sunday!