Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

First of all, happy belated Mother's Day! I thought I'd get these posted yesterday, but I was just too busy having fun. We had a wonderful Mother's Day! It was a nice and relaxing day with no chores. No dogs barfed, nobody pottied where they shouldn't have, my Starbucks latte was perfect, and the Sox whooped the Yankees~all the makings of a great day! LOL

Now, last night my mom told me that every morning she gets up at 6 and goes straight to her computer to see what I've posted on my blog, and it disappoints her if I haven't posted anything new. So now the pressure is on! It's a good thing my time zone is three hours ahead of hers~at least that buys me some time in the morning! Ha ha!

I've already told you about the Dockyard Glassworks studio in Bermuda. I seriously fell in love with this place! Since we couldn't take our moms to the Caribbean with us, we decided to bring back a bit of Bermuda glass for them. We brought the vase for Rick's mom, as she has the most gorgeous garden in her front yard. We brought the bowl for my mom. Mom, the bowl is like one of those conch shells that you can hold up to your hear and hear the ocean waves~just hold this up to your nose and you'll smell the sweet, salty air of Bermuda. Seriously. Try it. And have Hal take a picture while you do! :)
I made this card for each of our moms~not traditional Mother's Day cards, but something to match their gifts. Between the beach scene and the ocean blue glass, I want to flee back to Bermuda! Any takers???
Here's Miss Emma in her favorite dress and my shoes. She can walk in them more easily than I can!
Brennan was able to come home for dinner. Keaton stayed in CA because his finals are this week. He'll arrive home Thursday night for a 3-week stay. Emma was sad not to see Uncle Keaton, but thrilled to have Uncle Brennan home!
I love this picture! Emma was so excited that it was present time! She sure does love her Mommy! And I am so proud of Brittany~not only is she a fabulous daughter, but she truly is a wonderful mom. Emma is such a blessed girl!
Aww...melt my heart!
The three girls.
Me and my babies, minus Keaton. I'll have to get another group photo when he's home.
Emma was so proud of the card she made for me, and she signed it by herself!
While we were on our cruise, Brittany took Emma to one of those paint-your-own-pottery studios. Emma made this flower pot for me, and even planted the flower herself. I love the expression on her face. She is sooooooo proud of this! I, of course, adore it! is sweet, especially when Miss Emma gives me some sugar!
Brennan and Keaton went in together on a gift for me: a gift card so I can buy my favorite bottle of wine, two nice wine glasses, and a basket and a candle to go in our soon to be remodeled/redecorated family room. The basket also included one of my favorite pictures of them when they were little~I think Brennan was 9 and Keaton was 7. Two adorable little boys who have grown into such handsome and wonderful men!
Yes, my sweet husband always gives me a gift on Mother's Day. He's a geat gift-gifter, too! I must admit that he spoils me. Emma wanted to know why, since I am obviously not his mother. He said, "Because Giffy is the mother of my children." You know the look a dog gives you when puzzled about somethng~head turned sideways and foreheard furled? That's the look Emma gave Papa! Too funny!
I love this photo! Emma told Mommy not to peek while Papa brought out Emma's gift for her. Emma decided Mommy needed help!
Emma gave Mommy a new bike so they can enjoy bike rides together!
Emma also wrote her first book. She dictated the story to me then illustrated it herself. As I wrote each page, she kept asking, "Giffy did you write the words I said? Are you sure?" And then she'd make me read them back to her. When we were done, she said, "Giffy, you did a good job following directions!" The book is titled, The Princess, the Alligator, and the Monster. I am happy to say that the princess is named Princess Giffy!
My boys are so sweet. They went in together to give Brittany a Mother's Day gift, complete with a "For Our Sister on Mother's Day" card. They make their Mama proud!
One of Ricks co-worker's has season tickets to the Red Sox! Can you even imagine how awesome that would be????? Oh, to dream! Anyway, he was selling some tickets to games he can't attend, so Rick bought the four-pack for tonight's game. We are taking Emma and Brittany with us~Emma's first Sox game at Fenway!!!
She knows how to say "Youuuuuuuuuk," "Go Papi!" and "Red Sox Rule!" I promised her a hot dog and cotton candy. And I am pretty sure I see a few giant foam fingers in my future. LOL Those pics tomorrow!

Hope you had a delightful Mother's Day. Happy Monday to you!

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