Thursday, May 13, 2010

Emma's First Red Sox Game at Fenway!!!

She was so excited to go to Fenway Park~almost as excited as I was!
I love this hat! We bought it for her when we attended Red Sox Spring Training in Bonita Springs, FL last year. It totally matches her room's ladybugs and daisies theme! Is it not the cutest Red Sox hat ever?
This is my new favorite photo of my two favorite girls!
As we walked from our car to Fenway, I caught this shot of my girls' shadows~too cute!
Emma catching a ride on Papa's shoulders.
Ahh,,,Fenway Park! The happiest place on earth! LOL
If you know me, you know that I watch every Red Sox game. So Emma has been properly trained in how to cheer for the Sox. This is Kevin Youkilis at bat...
and this is Emma shouting, "YOOUUUUUKKKKKK!!!" along with the crowd!
What would Emma's first trip to Fenway be without a giant foam finger?
Here's David Ortiz...
...and Emma cheering for Big Papi!
Old Glory flying over Fenway~what a beautiful sight!
We won the game~life is just as it should be! :)


Sparkle said...

Just precious! I love her cap!

Amy said...

Love these photos! thanks for sharing! and LOVE that hat!