Friday, May 7, 2010

The Last Few Pics from the Cruise...

We love this photo! We've been together for 30 years, married almost 27~and we still feel like high school sweethearts!
We like this one, too~we clean up pretty well for a couple of old grandparents! LOL
These were our dinner mates. We were nervous about being randomly assigned to a dinner table~you never know what you're going to get. But we loved our group! We looked forward to dining every night because we knew it would be entertaining! Seated left to right: Arlene and Frank from the Bronx, Tom and Beverly from Virginia, and Eva and Tom from New Jersey. Arlene and Frank's grandchildren are adults, but the other two couples have grandchildren around Emma's age. Poor Arlene and Frank heard way too many grandchildren stories, I am sure! Yet we enjoyed each other's company and traded e-mail addresses so that we can stay in touch.
Rick wanted a picture of me with the water in the background~I said there was no way it would be of me in my swimsuit! Ha ha! We finally remembered to take this on our last night.
One of our table mates took this.
When we got home, this sign was hanging in the kitchen. That was nearly two weeks ago, and it's still there. It may just stay forever!
Here is Miss Emma modeling the personalized hat we brought her from St. Thomas and the sea shells we brought from Bermuda.
This is the beautiful sunset that we enjoyed that evening from our front porch. How cool is it that you can see the sunset through the flag? What a beautiful way to end an incredible trip!


Amy said...

AWWWWW! You guys look awesome and like you had the most wonderful time!!! Loved the pictures thanks so much for sharing!

arlene said...

You both look stunning in those photos, can definitely see why you love them. And how sweet is the poster, not to mention the adorable Emma outfit.

Your photo class sure is paying off, the flag & sunset picture is gorgeous.