Monday, May 17, 2010

Brennan's College Graduation

Left to right: Keaton, Rick, me, Brennan, Sister Joan (Rick's aunt), Anne (Rick's mom), Jim (Anne's husband)
Emma hadn't seen Keaton for nearly three months, so she couldn't wait to play with him at the graduation!
So sweet~Emma wanted to hold Uncle Keaton's hand.
Left to right: Emma, Brittany, me, Brennan, Rick, Keaton
The Little Graduate!
Brennan with Barbara and Allen (Rick's sister and her husband)
Brennan and his Great Aunt Joan (Rick's mom's sister)
Keaton, Brennan, Emma, and Brittany
The proud parents!
Emma and Uncle Keaton
Brittany and Emma enjoying a picnic lunch.
My baby boy!
Brennan and Professor Chris Hollot, Department Head for Electrical and Chemical Engineering. He made a point of meeting us~he wanted to tell us what a great man Brennan is, not just academically. Yes, this old, proud mama was moved to tears!
We celebrated at our favorite restaurant, Chloe's in Hudson, MA. Left to right: Rick, me, Anne (Rick's mom), Mike (Rick's brother), Barbara (Rick's sister), Susan (Mike's girlfriend), Allen (Barbara's husband), Jim (Anne's husband), Brittany, Brennan, and Keaton.
Two kids graduated from college, one to go!
Have great week!

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Christy Lynn said...

You got some really great graduation pictures! When my brother graduated from college, my mom had a bunch of shirts made and each one said something like I'm Adam's Mom, I'm Adam's Sister, etc. and then his said Hi, I'm Adam. He had no trouble finding us in the crowd after the ceremony, and we got a lot of comments on those shirts! Looks like you guys all had a great time, so yay Brennan!!