Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Raining Kokeshi Dolls!

After my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day last Monday, I became super busy preparing for Easter and guests. As if that wasn't enough, I became ill, too, and had to go on antibiotics. I am feeling much better now, so I am FINALLY back to show you pics of my new kokeshi dolls.

Let me just say that Christy is a fabulous shopper! She finds the most delightful dolls for me and for Emma (and for herself~she collects them, too) at fabulous prices. Wait 'til you see what she sent in this batch!

First of all, she sent me this beautiful fan and trinket box. She knows how much I love purple. I have a small collection of boxes from different parts of the world, and am soooo excited to add this nesting box to it! Check out the inside~it's a mother-of-pearl finish!
This fan is just sooo pretty that I had to use it as the background for my new girls' portraits. Just FYI, a touch of purple and some cherry blossoms make everything prettier. See, the proof is in this photo~look at how happy she is to be near the cherry blossoms and purple fan!
As if her delightful expression isn't enough, she is a matryoshka doll, which technically is a Russian nesting doll except, of course, this one is Japanese. Look at this group of sweet, smiling faces! I offered to share these dolls with Emma so that we could each have some. Her response was, "But Giffy, I want my own mommy kokeshi doll with babies." So guess what Christy needs to buy for me next?
I love the parasol this little doll is holding. I can't decide if it's to keep her dry in the rain or to keep her beautiful Japanese complexion from burning and freckling. Or maybe she is just well accessorized for the sake of being well accessorized. She probably has a hundred parasols to match her favorite kimonos. Kind of like me and my purses. LOL
I love the colors on this one! And check out her long, sweeping hair. I really like the shape of this doll and all her little details.
Love the hair bow on this one! The fan she is holding is sooooo pretty and detailed!
Now, you know how much I love snow and all things wintry. The snow scene on this doll is so beautiful and I love the colors! And lucky her~she never has to shovel snow, she just gets to wear it!
How unique is this doll? I have never seen one shaped like this before. There's just something about her that keeps drawing my eyes towards her. (I hope it's not because I can identify with the slightly gray hair, ha ha!) She is just so cool!
The photograph does not do this next doll justice! She is wrapped in a kimono, which is actually a beautiful shade of purple. I photographed it a kazillion times, but it looks blue in every single shot. The kimono is made from a foiled paper and it really is stunning!
Check out this little sweetie! She reminds me of the illustrations that were in books I owned as a child, particularly the Grimm Brothers fairytales. (Okay, some of the fairytales were actually kind of scary, but the children were always adorable.) Aren't her scalloped bangs and pigtails the cutest?
This little doll makes me do the happy dance, which could explain yesterday's earthquake in Mexico/CA. LOL This doll is just so happy to be her. And why wouldn't she be? Her colors are perfect, her expression is sweet, and she has her own little stand. Life is good for this dolly!
My office is such a girly room and is my "writing nook," so of course I simply must fill it with things that make me feel creative. Kokeshi dolls fit the bill! And, of course, Emma loves to play with them. She loves to rearrange them into "dance parties" and introduce them to each other. Too cute! And since they are made of wood, she can't hurt them so I let her imagination run wild with them. When Christy sent me my first set of dolls, I easily made room for them on one of the shelves in my office. Then my collection grew and grew and grew some more. This set actually required its own shelf!
The entire bookcase gradually became a showcase for my collection. My kids did point out that it's nice that I "let" their photos have a shelf, at least for the time being! LOL
So there you have it~a little peek into the little-girl side of me. Hope you have a dolly good day!


Amy said...

Those are so adorable!! I've never seen so many different ones!What a great collection! Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

Amy said...

Vikki, I need to know what address to send your digi stamp set to hon..thanks!

Christy Lynn said...

Hey, I think we're about even on how many dolls we each have now :) They look great! I'm still looking for a curio cabinet to put my collection in...I need one with glass doors since my dogs keep looking at the dolls and I can just hear 'em thinking "mmm, tasty!"

Amber said...

Ooo, Vicki! You have a TON of Kokeshi's! I need to catch up! i only have 7! They sure look pretty all lined up!

Tam said...

Hi Vikki! This is the first time I have read your blog. I was looking up kokeshi dolls, and came across your blog.
I have just one doll. A good friend that had to work in Japan for his job for a few months brought me back one as a gift.
Mine most resembles your doll with the winter scene.
I think I am inspired to finally post my own entry here.


Twinky said...
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