Monday, March 15, 2010

My Mama Told Me, "You Better Shop Around!"

My Mom actually did tell me that in regards to shoe shopping. Other than that, the title has no significance whatsoever for this post. It's just a cool song by Smokey Robinson and sounded like a good title.

Actually, what my Mama just told me is that I had better post something new on my blog OR ELSE! Since my last post was over a week ago and showed pictures of Emma in the tub, my Mama is concerned that Emma's still there. So, to prove to my Mama that Emma is, in fact, out of the tub, here's what's been happening over the last week.

Emma loves to play with the dogs. Here she is with with Wylie~and she is clearly dry and out of the tub! LOL
Here she is pretending to be a beaver even though she looks like a panda.
Here's Emma modeling her very hip and stylin' sunglasses!
Rick traveled last week and sent me roses just becuase. See, Mom~after 30 years, he's still Mr. Wonderful!
My brother and SIL, Bill and Lori, sent Emma this adorable raincoat and umbrella for her birthday. I love the look on her face~she was pretending that it was raining in the house! Yes, we sang "Singin' in the Rain!"
Emma's cousin, Lexi (Bill and Lori's adorable grand-daughter) sent Emma these totally rockin' shoes! They are sooooo girlie! She LOVES them! They are all she'll wear now!
Audrey (Brittany's friend since birth, daughter of our dear friends Mark and Cheri) gave Emma a game called Pretty, Pretty Princess. You basically move around the board collecting your princess jewlery. Once you have all of your jewelry and the crown, you are deemed the "pretty, pretty princess." Of course, Emma loves this game and wants to play it every day.
Her favorite part of the game? Making Papa play! He may be my Prince Charming, but he is Emma's pretty, pretty princess! LOL
Brittany's friend, Kristin, gave Emma a guacamole-making kit and her own little apron. Emma loves guacamole. The only problem with this is that she eats it as quickly as she makes it!
We've reached an important milestone in our home, one which I have been dreaming of and anticipating for quite some time: Emma is now old enough to take ice skating lessons! Yippee! I have skated my whole life and still love it. Here she is during her first lesson. She loves it! I just ordered her some girlie skates, and I can't wait until she's big enough for some sparkly skating dresses! The best part is that she and I can now go skating together two or three times a week. Life is good!
Brittany attended a conference over the weekend, so Emma got to hang at Camp Giffy and Papa. Rick didn't get home until midnight on Friday, so Emma and I went on a date. Per Emma's request, we went out for dinner and even got dessert. Actually she got dessert and was gracious enough to let me have a bite or two! The funniest part was that the hostess gave her a coloring sheet depicting a chef named Tina. Tina happens to be the name of Keaton's girlfriend. When I read the caption to Emma she said, "Oh no, Giffy! They forgot to draw Uncle Keaton! Quick, draw him!" So I drew him, only to be informed that my drawing didn't actually look like Uncle Keaton at all. LOL Then we hit the Disney store. As her grandma, it was my duty to spoil her! Brittany disaggrees. But then I remind her of how much my mother spoiled her, and really, what can she say? I am simply carrying on a time-honored tradition! So needless to say, Princess Tiana came home with us!
Last, but certainly not least, Rick and I atteneded a surprise 60th birthday party for his boss. Everyone had to wear a costume from the 60's. Rick dressed as one of the Beatles. He wanted me to be a go-go dancer, but do you know how cold a mini dress is in MA in the middle of winter? So not happening! So I went as his groupie instead. Here's the best part: Emma keeps saying, "Papa, wear you hair! Its hilarious!"
So there you go, Mom~proof that I am alive and well and that Emma is no longer in the tub. Love you!


Lori said...

Great pics!!!! You two make a great hippie couple. Peace.

Sparkle said...

Sounds like alot of fun! Had to laugh at the hair!

arlene said...

What awesome pictures. Love all of them and can't decide which is my favorite. That's the only bad thing about not posting for a week.

Bet you are sooo excited to have Emma start her lessons and I'm so glad she is enjoying them.

The rain outfit is absolutely perfect for the lovely weather we've been having.

Hope all is well & I'll talk to you soon, we need to plan another lunch date.


Amy said...

Aww I LOVE all the pictures!! What a cute little girl! Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to link me up to anything you make with the BEEEZ KNEEEZ Kit!! Thanks again!!