Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Today is Emma's 3rd birthday! And just in case you don't already know this, I absolutely adore Emma! She is the cutest grandchild ever! Did I mention that I adore her???

Brittany took the day off so that the three of us could spend Emma's birthday together. We let Emma plan our day. Here's how it unfolded:

First, Brittany gave Emma some flowers~daisies, of course!
Emma asked if we could have breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts, specifically a pink donut with sprinkles. We rarely eat donuts, so this was a treat for all three of us! Of course, Emma wore her tiara all day. (She told me that I can wear it on my birthday. Rick got a real kick out of that! As if I need the tiara to qualify! LOL) Anyway, the employees at Dunkin' Donuts thought Emma was sooo cute. As we left, they gave her a second donut to take home. Yup, we were off to a princess start bright and early!
Next we hit the mall. Brittany and I popped into Bare Escentuals. The sales ladies were quite enamored with Emma and her tiara! They sat her at table and put "sparkles" on her eyelids and lips. Beacuase I am the grandma, I get to just laugh at this and think it's incredibly cute! Brittany, however, should be very scared: 3 years old and loving make-up and all things sparkly!
She even smacked her lips like Mommy does!
And what's a trip to the mall on your birthday without a ride on the carousel?
Then we went to the Disney store. Emma's Great Grandma Scott (my mom) sent her a Disney gift card. Emma knew exactly what she wanted~this Ariel accessory kit to use in her Ariel salon.
Next up was lunch at Chipotle. Emma loves quesadillas, beans, and guacamole!
After her nap, Emma and Tiffany did the birthday dance. Too cute!
Emma is really into stamping and coloring. Brittany customized a little cart for her and filled it with stamping goodies. Emma loves it!
We are giving Emma her "big" gift at her party on Saturday. But I couldn't let the day go by without giving her a little something. I made this card for her, using another adorable digital stamp from Christy Croll, aka Tiddly Inks. (Supplies.)
And, of course, I had just had to give Emma a kokeshi doll for her collection. (Thanks, Christy Stanford, for being my personal kokeshi doll shopper in Japan!) Emma loves her new doll!
Emma asked Mommy to make butterfly (bow tie) pasta, meatballs, bruschetta, and salad for her birthday dinner, followed by a rainbow chip cake.
Happy, happy birthday, Emma! I'll love you to infinity and beyond forever and ever!


Sparkle said...

So darling! Looks like a super fun birthday!

Christy Lynn said...

The photos are adorable, Vicki! I wouldn't mind doing all that for my next birthday, minus the donut, lol! Looks like I made a good choice for the kokeshi doll too :) Emma is such a beautiful lil girl!

Christy said...

Now why couldn't you have been my g-ma???? ;) I love mine , but you must be the coolest ever! I am glad she had a great day. Happy birthday Emma!!

Cute, cute card. ;)

arlene said...

Hope Emma had a great B-day, I sure she is looking forward to her party on Saturday. I know I'm looking forward to seeing what you ordered.

The birthday dance picture is precious.