Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Is for You, Mom! mom e-mailed me, wanting to know why I haven't posted more Christmas photos of Emma. I could explain to her that 1) I had 300+ photos to go through; 2) Emma did not want to stop playing to smile at the camera unless she specifically asked me to take her picture, so I have a kazillion photos of the side and back of Emma's head but very few of her looking at the camera; and 3) well, there is no third excuse, but I am sure I could have come up with something. LOL But I decided it would be better if I just posted some more pictures. So these are for you, Mom!

Here's Emma playing with her vet kit. I think Indy's looking at her and thinking, "Don't even think about trying that stuff out one me!"
My sweet friend, Christy (the one on Okinawa who supplies me with card ideas and kokeshi dolls) sent Emma this set of kokeshi dolls~four dolls, one for each season. Emma loves them!

No, it isn't the real Tiffany that Emma is cramming into the kennel. Tiffany, Indy, and Wylie (my dogs) gave Emma a little stuffed ShihTzu. It looks exactly like Tiffany. Surprisingly, Emma named her Tiffany. LOL
Emma asked Santa for three things: a princess castle, princess dresses, and a pony on a stick. Santa brought Emma this Disney princess castle, as well as the princesses and lots of princess outfits to go with it.
He brought her two princess dresses, Mulan's and Tiana's. Here she is in her Mulan dress.
You may have read about the stick horse fiasco. Santa (aka Brittany) couldn't find one. So Great Grandma Scott (my mom) scoured the internet until she found the perfect one~it even neighs and makes a galloping sound! Emma simply adores it! (Thanks, Mom!)
Christmas morning...chocolate croissants fresh from the oven! Yum!
Santa brought RC cars for Rick, Brennan, and Keaton because even big kids need toys on Christmas morning! LOL Here's Emma playing with Uncle Brennan.
Here are Emma and Papa painting together.
Here are two photos Emma asked me to take. You can tell they were her idea because she looked right at the camera and smiled!
And what would a bunch of Christmas photos be without a few of my other princess? LOL
And that's all she wrote/posted...


Lori said...

Your pics are so adorable!!! You did a pretty good job of photographing Emma's Christmas. And Tiffany looks way too cute.

Christy said...

Hello my friend. What happy photos and Emma is a gem.;) so cute...

Sparkle said...

Such cute pictures! Glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas.

arlene said...

Your pictures are precious. There is nothing like a kid on Christmas. Love Emma's PJ's by the way.