Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rick!

He may share his birthday with Elvis, but Rick's the one that rocks my world! Here are a few birthday photos of my sweetheart.
Rick and Brennan
Rick, Keaton, and Tiffany
Rick, being a good sport about wearing the ribbon Emma put on his head and about letting Tiffany rip the wrapping paper off of his gift!
For 23 years, the kids have been making Rick calendars for his birthday. I started the tradition with Brittany when she was old enough to scribble with crayons. When the kids were little, they illustrated it for him. Now, they make it with photos. He has every one of them. Who says guys aren't sentimental?
Rick, Brittany and Emma
I love this photo~Emma scratching Keaton's while they looked at the calendar!
Being a proud Dad, Rick loves wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts from the kids' colleges. He's lost 50 pounds n the last year, so none of his old shirts fit. So Keaton and Brittany both surprised him with new ones, neither one knowing that the other was doing it, too.
Emma helping Papa blow out the candle on his birthday brownies! She still doesn't understand why he didn't want a cake or a cupcake!
Me and my sweetheart at a Bruins game.
Happy birthday, Rick!

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Lori said...

What sweet pictures. I'm so glad that Rick had a nice birthday. Sorry that I didn't call this morning. It was foggy driving in and I was tired....not a good combo. Another Starbucks should help. Have a great day.