Thursday, December 30, 2010

A few cards...

Okay, Mom~I still don't have the Christmas pictures ready to post. I've been having too much fun with Dave and his family! But here are a few cards I've recently made. The first one was for Tina's 21st birthday (she's Keaton's girlfriend).
I made this card for Sean's 1st birthday.
This is the Christmas card I made for our young nieces and nephews and, of course, for Emma!
And this is the Christmas card I made for those to whom we sent gifts (I know you've already seen this, Mom). I would have loved to make them for everybody, but we sent out 130 Christmas cards this year, and there's no way I could make that many!
Mom, Dave has taken so many awesome photos while he's been here! You will LOVE them!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little Miss Santa Clause

Okay, Mom~I know you are anxiously waiting for me to post Christmas photos! But I took hundreds which I am now sorting through, etc. So please be patient~they are coming! In the meantime, here are photos of Emma opening the last three "countdown" boxes, plus a little video clip of her.
Box #23~snowman earrings!
Box #24~Santa bubbles!
Box #25~a gift card to the Disney Store!
Little Miss Santa

Friday, December 24, 2010

Gingerbread house

Finally, the photos of our gingerbread house! I've been making them from scratch for about 10 years. Emma really got into it this year~especially the part where she HAD to taste every kind of candy before we used it!
Pepperidge Farm sells a box of "Gingerbread Family" cookies. I buy them because they have people in different sizes, and I have yet to find the right size cookie cutters to do that. Emma didn't want to decorate the cookies~I think she was tired of it all by that point, and most of the candy was gone! LOL Anyway, Emma decided who went where on the landscape. She is holding a snowball and is standing right next to the ginormous Santa. Her mommy (Brittany) is right behind her on a pink snowboard.
Keaton and his girlfriend, Tina, are holding snowballs and are ready to have a snowball fight with Emma.
Giffy and Papa (Rick and I) are decorating the tree.
Brennan is sledding in the yard.
I love the Good 'n Plenty chimney and the Tootsie Roll firewood!
Ta da! I love this tradition~can't wait to make one with her next year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Little Surprises

This box was filled with red and green candy corn. Do you think she liked it? What is it about little kids and candy? Although, I probably wear the same expression when I'm about to eat a piece of chocolate! LOL
This monkey stamp was hidden in yesterday's box. She loves it!
Emma still has 3 boxes left to open. She asked if the boxes will be here next Christmas, too. I think they were a hit!

Off I go to get my turkey. We love the huge Thanksgiving dinner, so I always make it again for Christmas dinner. There is a turkey farm a few towns away, so we always get a really fresh turkey~there's nothing better! I also get freshly picked apples for my apple pies. in the country!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Not-So-Jolly Saint Nick

Brittany and I took Emma to see Santa yesterday. Emma has been talking non-stop about doing this. Every time we've been to the mall, she has waved to Santa and has been giddy when he's waved back to her. Then, we she finally got to see him, she became quiet and shy. Emma whispered to him, flat out refused to smile, and would not let go of Jack, her beloved puppy. She wasn't afraid; she just wasn't thrilled. Trying to get good photos was tricky. And the fact that this Santa wasn't a a very good Santa only made it worse~notice that Santa didn't smile in any of the pictures. Jolly Old Saint Nick he wasn't. What's up with that???
Of course, the minute Santa handed Emma a candy cane, she was all smiles!
Next year, we need to find a better Santa. Maybe I'll buy Rick a Santa suit for his birthday!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Living Proof

My mama worries about me if I don't blog, and I haven't blogged since Saturday, so now she's quite concerned. She fears I may be sick or possibly dead. I am pretty sure Rick would let her know if either of those things were true. Though one time when I was sick and in the ER, he called her in the middle of the night to tell her. He was speaking quietly because that's what he does, and she thought he was an obscene caller so she hung up on him! So maybe he wouldn't call her, but it would be her own fault! LOL I guess that updating my blog is the best way to let her know I am okay after all. I am fine, Mama~I feel great, and so does everyone else. I've just been busy getting Christmas gifts wrapped and mailed and put beneath the tree, sending out Christmas cards, and making a gingerbread house with Emma. Oh, and Keaton came home last night~hooray! Brennan's coming home on Saturday. Ok, Mom, back to Emma, which is what you really want to know!

Emma wanted me to take her photo with her elf, Ernie. See him peeking out of her stocking?
Here are some more photos from the "countdown 'til Christmas" boxes. She found Rudolph chapstick in Saturday's box. Look at her rubbing her lips together!
And then she wanted a photo of her shiny lips! LOL
She was still rubbing her lips together as she opened Sunday's box, which held red and white Tic Tacs.
She loves to hug everything! And no, that's not a rash on her hand~it's a stamp.
She found stickers in Monday's box~snowmen and penguins wearing Santa hats.
Snowman ribbon for her craft cart was hidden in Tuesday's box.
Here she is trying to guess what was inside Wednesday's box.. was a snowman stamp!
So there you have it~my life since Saturday. This afternoon, Brittany and I are taking Emma to see Santa Claus, and then to see the new movie about Rapunzel called Tangled. I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures, I promise! I love you, Mom!