Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

This year, Brittany and Emma got their own tree. Emma was soooo excited!
Here's my Snow Village, a 20-year collection.

I needlepointed this pillow eight or nine years ago.
I cross-stitched this Marty Bell scene about fifteen years ago.
I made this poinsettia quilt a few years ago.
Here are a few things I painted before I wrecked my hand.
Of all the things I have ever made, this is my favorite! I painted the sign and made the stockings. All of the stockings are made with felt, except for Emma's, which is needlepoint. The felt ones are starting to fade and and distress. Emma's will last forever!
Here's Tiffany getting into trouble as we tried to trim our tree.
I gave Emma what is really a kokeshi doll keychain, but I told her it's an ornament. After all, it she wearing a red dress and has a jingle bell on her. Emma loves it!
Happy decorating!


Jenn said...

Great pics Vicki. I love al lthe decorations! :)

Sparkle said...

I love all of your decorations! I need to make new stockings for Brent and I.

arlene said...

Your decorations are fabullous. Loove the snow village. We so need to put ours up again one of these days.

Lori said...

Wow. So much talent. Wish some of that talent would spill over here.

Lori said...

And, I love the snow village. So much detail. Love the little camper.