Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

We spend every Thanksgiving weekend decorating the house for Christmas. It's possible that I may go a teensy weensy bit overboard. Just a bit. A smidgeon, really. LOL Anyway, the decorating frenzy kept me from getting this posted~but my house looks quite festive!
Rick sent these beautiful flowers to me about a week before Thanksgiving!
This was our first holiday without our youngest son, Keaton. He attends UC Berkeley and just couldn't get home in time for Thanksgiving. Thankfully, we have family near him. My BIL, Allen, sent this photo of Keaton to me. It made me feel so much better!
Rick's Aunt Joan (a Harlem nun) spent several days with us. Emma adores her, and even convinced her to do some stamping!
Too bad Emma and Keaton weren't together for their turkey hat photos!
Me and my baby, Tiffany. Check out my new do~I cut about 5" off of my hair! I was just in the mood for a change, I've had long hair for sooooo long. I like it!
Tiffany enjoying her Thanksgiving feast~Rick's shoelaces! LOL
Left to right: Rick, Brennan, Brittnay, Emma, me, Mike (Rick's brother), Susan (Mike's girlfriend), and Aunt Joan
Have I mentioned that Emma loves pumpkin pie? Actually, she loves whipped cream!
Here's the card I made this year. I can't take any credit for it~I totally stole (with permission) the idea from Christy. Thank you, Christy! (Supplies.)
Here are a few of the beautiful cards we received. Arlene Anzuoni made the on on the left, Lori Scott made the one in the middle, and Christy Stanford made the one on the right. Thank you, girlfriends! I love them!
So happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope it was especially memorable for you.

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